Kid's Yoga
Gi Belt
Children in Yoga Class


  • T/Th 4:30pm


How to explain Yoga to your Kids? Try: Yoga is a game that you play with yourself and always win. It makes you calm when you’re too excited and makes you feel energetic when you feel tired. It helps you work out your brain by using your body and helps you to bring your mind back into your body when it wants to wander. It’s nothing special really, on its own at least, but what you do with it and where it takes you is. Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises and movements that helps you to feel good in your body and mind. 

There are many positive effects for kids with a regular Yoga practice: Yoga encourages a more comfortable, calm state of being. Yoga has a positive impact on concentration, focus and attention span, and hence academic performance. Yoga calms and clears the mind, bringing the students into the present moment. Yoga promotes respect for oneself and others. Yoga reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue, anger and depression. Yoga improves body/mind awareness and self-esteem. Yoga encourages emotional intelligence and character development.


  • Ideal for beginner practitioners of all ages


  • Physical and mental balance

  • Develop focus

  • Control energy and emotions

  • Increase Immunity

  • Prevent stress and anxiety

  • Build coordination

  • Improve mobility

  • Gain confidence

  • Learn discipline

  • Have fun and make friends


  • Deep breathing techniques

  • Explore fundamental Yoga postures

  • Opportunity to delve in to more advanced postures

  • Yoga games

  • Prop play

Yoga Mats